Work Plan

After a two year absence, the Lake Elmo City Council has approved a Plan of Work.  Under the guidance of an outside facilitator, elected officials and members of the city staff participated in a workshop designed to identify and/or confirm the city’s Mission, Values, Key Issues, and ultimately a Plan of Work, which outlines their goals for 2017 and 2018.  A summary of this Workplan is available at this link:  LE 2017-18 Workplan Here are the goals that were approved by the city council:

  • Utilize technology advances for service efficiencies
  • Construct trail improvements to schools
  • Adopt level of service parameters
  • Develop a public facilities space needs plan
    • Initiated a space needs study to include city hall, fire house, and public works
  • Create an economic development plan/strategy
    • EDA meetings have been started
  • Develop a Highway 36 management plan
  • Approve Comprehensive Plan with unanimous Council support
    • Selected a consultant to lead the project, develop a vision, and engage the public
    • Public input from residents was sought via a survey
    • Comprehensive Plan Project Update website established and accessible from the city’s website under “Planning and Zoning”, then click on “Comprehensive Plan”
  • Develop a plan for completing 5th Street
  • Conduct a review of the lighting ordinance
  • Stabilize and energize staff
    • Turnover has been reduced and staff levels have been increased
    • Council unanimously approves the hiring of part time firefighters
    • City hires assistant city administrator
    • Committees have been re-constituted to provide support for staff
    • City council adopted a new compensation program and revised health care plan
  • Provide a greater variety of recreational opportunities
    • Approved Sally Manzara Interpretive Nature Center for Sunfish Lake Park
    • Work has begun on improvements to Lion’s Park baseball field
  • Implement VMX zoning downtown to encourage economic development
    • On May 16, Council approved re-zoning all downtown businesses to VMX, vote was 3-0-2
    • Completed bulk of downtown improvements
  • Maintain Council focus on priorities NOT personalities
    • Council meetings are more efficient with a higher degree of civility from most council members
    • Council votes to rejoin the county library system

The city council and staff should be commended for this work. Their effort represents effective organizational practice but it also demonstrates Transparency and Accountability on the part of this council by publicly stating their goals for the next two years and the process they followed.

This site will attempt to provide periodic updates on progress made but we encourage all residents to STAY ENGAGED with what’s going on in your local government.