WE LOVE LAKE ELMO began in early 2015 as over 200 concerned citizens came together at the Lake Elmo Inn Event Center to protest the council majority’s (Fliflet, Smith, and Lundgren) decision to fire City Administrator Dean Zuleger. http://www.twincities.com/2015/03/18/lake-elmo-residents-pack-meeting-call-for-administrators-rehiring/  You may remember “WE PROTEST COUNCIL VOTE”, almost 900 signatures on a petition, and “COUNCIL IS TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY”.  The council majority had a temporary change of heart but ultimately forced Mr. Zuleger to resign.  Unfortunately eight additional city hall staff members resigned and the dysfunction at city hall has continued to escalate. Decisions are being made by the council majority (sometimes ignoring the recommendations of the “experts”) that put your property values, taxes, and quality of life at risk and threaten the fiscal underpinnings of the city.  So, it’s critical that we all take a more active role in understanding what is going on in our city government.  We will advocate for collaborative leadership from members of the city council resulting in a functional government characterized by Transparency, Civility, and Fiscal Responsibility.

The mission of WE LOVE LAKE ELMO is to engage the community in a grassroots effort to bring about lasting change in the way the Lake Elmo city government functions. We are grateful for the support of the many residents and members of the business community, who share our desire for a return to a functional city government.  Supporters include Craig Knoll, Diane Madson Knoll, Molly Brendmoen, Bryan Butler, Dale Dorschner, Dick Wier, Pam and Jess Hartley, Barry and Kathy Weeks, Tucker Pearce, Wally Nelson, Don and Bonnie Klatt, Larry Weiss, Mike and Kathy Reeves.   

The purpose of this website is to provide information to the Lake Elmo community regarding the current state of their city government. It is critical that residents have access to news reports, data, facts, and real life examples so they can judge for themselves the impact of council actions! WE LOVE LAKE ELMO is an advocacy group and is not a political committee.  Contributors to this website include: Diane Madson Knoll, Kathy Weeks, Kathy Reeves, and Mike Reeves.