WE LOVE LAKE ELMO is a grassroots movement that began in early 2015 when over 200 concerned citizens came together at the Lake Elmo Inn Event Center to protest the council majority’s decision to fire the City Administrator. http://www.twincities.com/2015/03/18/lake-elmo-residents-pack-meeting-call-for-administrators-rehiring/  You may remember “WE PROTEST COUNCIL VOTE” (almost 900 signatures on a petition) and “COUNCIL IS TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY”.  The council majority reversed their original position but ultimately the city administrator was forced to resign.  Eight additional city hall staff members also resigned as the year went on.  It was critical that our community become more engaged in understanding  what was happening in the Lake Elmo city government and the impact of those city council actions and decisions.  We will continue to advocate for collaborative leadership from all members of the city council and for a functional city government, characterized by Transparency, Civility, and Fiscal Responsibility.

The mission of WE LOVE LAKE ELMO is to engage and educate the community about the way the Lake Elmo city government functions. We are grateful for the support of the many residents and members of the business community, who share our desire for a functional city government. The purpose of this website is to provide information to the Lake Elmo community about what is happening in their city government.  We believe it is critical that residents have access to information, eg. news reports, data, and facts, so they can be can be better informed of the impact of the actions and decisions of the city council, both past and present!

WE LOVE LAKE ELMO is an advocacy group and is not a political committee.  The content on this website primarily consists of articles, news stories, and editorials from various media outlets and newspapers. Past contributors to this website have included: Diane Madson Knoll, Kathy Weeks, Kathy Reeves, and Mike Reeves.